About Me

Victoria Dickenson

I have been interested in the working of the mind since my mid forties.

My life history had been one of an independant rebel, with feelings of ‘not fitting in’. A particular work experience had led me to travelling and I discovered the sea, earning a living as a seafarer for 16 years,  both ocean-going and coastal.

I compensated for my lack of conviction that I was okay, by being indulgent, hurting some of the people who loved me and putting myself in danger.


Everything changed when I was ‘persuaded’ by good friends to attend a Self-awareness workshop. I had no prior knowledge of what to expect and resisted attending, especially since money was in short supply. At that time, I was angry, frustrated and confused, not realising there could be a different way of being.

The facilitator reflected on how all problems are based on relationships, both with others and with ourselves. I had been attempting to reach self-fulfilment based on a concept of a rational self. I had lost connection to my own spiritual and moral values. I could no longer feel my life had any meaning. Hence I felt confused and in disarray which led to my anger, anxiety and indulgence.

The workshop changed my life. I cried for days with relief.

Since then I have followed a path of growing Self-awareness, learning to practice accountability for my thoughts and actions, to stop blaming others and see my part in the world around me. Experiencing both good and not so good times, I learned about people, and myself, discovering that I could choose to think differently.

I continued to attend self-growth workshops and courses in various modalities. After a number of years I began to promote deeply effective psychology workshops in the modality Vision Works For Life that I had found the most effective for myself.

I developed the desire to teach and share with others what meant so much to me.

I took the next step and went to college as a mature student and attained an Integrative Counselling diploma and subsequently accreditation with both the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and with the National Counselling Society.

I was employed at 2 counselling agencies under the NHS/ IAPT service for over 5 years. I studied with Cruse Bereavement Care and became a bereavement volunteer.

I came across Havening Techniques when a colleague asked me to be a case study, this was a pivotal experience. After 40 minutes of receiving Havening Touch, the emotional content of a traumatic negative belief about myself that had persisted from a young child had completely disappeared, leaving just the story behind with no emotional charge attached. I was free!

Experiencing that Havening Techniques can bring about such a profound and permanent change, I recognised the potential for deep healing for myself, my clients, friends and family.

Immediately I booked a training to become a Havening Practitioner. This modality was the missing link for me.

Now I have been a Certified Havening practitioner for several years. It has enhanced the facilitation I can offer through Integrative Counselling and Psychodynamic Therapy.

My life now is so much more meaningful and fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be.