Havening Techniques

Havening Techniques

Our brain holds onto or ‘encodes’ disturbing experiences. The ancient part of our brain believes doing so will help our survival and prepare us to either fight or flee. These responses have become automatic.

Over time we have accumulated a list of thoughts and feelings which re-trigger these negative or worrying responses. They no longer serve us. Integrative Counselling and Havening are effective methods to resolve these issues.

Havening Techniques are scientifically demonstrated to rapidly change your life for the better.

This recently discovered healing technique comes from the fields of neuroscience. Havening Techniques have been scientifically proven to bring permanent positive change to people who have anxiety, phobias, or negative emotions.

Simple touch to arms , face or hands, has been shown to activate the slow delta waves in our brain. These bring about a chemical reaction enabling the release of the grip of negative patterns originally stored to keep us safe, ‘on our toes’, constantly keeping us in a state of anxiety leaving us with a sense of calm.

This sensory touch technique is a remarkable, rapid and gentle way to remove feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and those negative, racing thoughts most of us have about ourselves and the world around us, however deeply entrenched these thoughts and feelings may be.

In our work together, you shall experience how easily and effectively change comes about. Often there is an immediate feeling of relief, a weight having been lifted sometimes a deep sense of gratitude. In addition there are the changes you will notice in everyday life. The energy that had been tied up in the difficult emotional issues is now freed for better use. You will feel the difference.

With that experience in place I will be able to teach you the practice of Self Havening.

For a deeper understanding of the science behind Havening Click Here.

Self Havening

Self Havening builds on your experience on having received Havening. The Havening process is modified to enable you to apply it to yourself.

This is a most empowering step.

You will learn to apply Self Havening as an integral part of your therapy session with me.

For moments of upset and acute need : perhaps a conversation opens up an old trauma or you suffer a disturbing incident.

Self Havening also helps with better sleep; to bring calm before an important appointment, when nerves may be frayed;

If you just want to feel good at the days start, Self Havening can bring positive thoughts and feelings to the fore through affirmation and the spoken word.

As your practitioner I am available to help and support you in the use of Self Havening.

By generating slow brain waves through gentle touch we can extinguish negative emotion from a recalled memory. These low frequency waves, called delta waves, can also be harnessed to increase resilience and diminish pain. Low frequency delta waves act as therapeutic change agents

Havening Techniques Co-Creator Dr.Steven Ruden, with his twin brother Dr Ronald Ruden