I am most grateful to have met Victoria and discovered Havening. After just the first session I felt a huge change in my anxiety; negative feelings that had bothered me for years were eased. Across a number of sessions we worked through traumas which have previously had a debilitating effect on my daily life.

No other type of therapy I've tried before has had the same instant effect nor has it been as permanent. I feel the more optimistic about the future than I ever have before thanks to Victoria and Havening.

- SL

Victoria was exceptionally tuned into what I needed and could cope with. The sessions helped a lot, and I have confidence about going forward. I have more resilience and better understanding of myself and how to live more meaningfully
I couldn't recommend Victoria highly enough


Thank you for all your help and support during my therapy sessions. you have given me hope, strength and inspiration to go forward in my life.


Home to my heart: My journey with Victoria and Havening
I came to Victoria in a hopeless, faithless and trust-less state. I was getting by because I am a survivor, but this time I felt stuck and didn't want to bother to work so hard any more. My will and heart were broken. What's the point? I wondered.
I've known Vic for 40 years but had not seen nor talked with her for over 7 years. Out of the blue she called me. When she mentioned her Havening work, I was ready to try the idea for me. I knew I needed to release my traumas. I wanted to understand how my brain waves worked and to open my heart once again.
Vic's gentle, respectful guidance took me through many sessions. She was insightful, reassuring and professional as we uncovered many layers of my life. I always felt safe as she protectively lead me in Havening: uniting my fractured selves, processing deep, dark emotions and letting go of my life long patterns of compensation. She wisely helped me to see my own light, and work on integrating my shadow and true self. Our comfortable conversations empowered me with self knowledge and tools of Havening, so that I can continue to help myself. I can recognise my old patterns, forgive myself and others and have faith in each day.
I so appreciate Vic's patience and commitment to assisting me in my growth and kindly nurturing me each step of the way home to my heart

GS. via Zoom. USA

Victoria has been wonderful. I've tried counselling before and hated it. This time I couldn't recommend it more. Havening has been so good and I will continue to use it in the future.
Thank you so much for your help and guidance. Hopefully won't need it again but if Ido I'll certainly be back !


I found Victoria very caring and responsive to my anxieties. She listened to me and made me begin to see things with more understanding- from my childhood situation until now. She helped me to understand situations long forgotten and how they have impacted on my character. She has given me skills- Havening Techniques- to help me focus and be more positive about myself. I feel I can more forward with more energy and determination to become happier and more fulfilled with my life