A calm and healthy mind through Integrative Counselling and Havening Techniques

My Counselling Services

I offer a professional service, with a warm, non-judgemental approach to help you gain a healthy mind through therapies including Integrative Counselling and Havening Techniques

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, to help unravel anxious thoughts that may be holding you back.

I offer you a comfortable and private space to give yourself the time to explore thoughts and feelings that may be causing you anxiety and stress in this point in your life. Counselling can bring understanding and freedom, allowing you to live your life more effectively and with joy in place of apprehension.

Everyone can benefit from being able to voice how they feel, to talk in confidence and to be listened to.

In our first session you will have the space to talk about what brings you to counselling and what you hope to address or move on from.

You will probably have questions that need answering before you go ahead. How does it work? How many sessions should I have?

I can help you reach a better understanding of what’s bothering you, we can explore why you have certain thoughts, and how to move through them, and bring positive change.

Unsettling emotions can include anxiety, stress, PTSD, phobias, depression, negative repetitive thoughts, anger, sadness, loneliness, lack of confidence or self-esteem, or feeling stuck with your life’s direction.

You may have questions regarding relationships, both present and intergenerational, be troubled by work issues, carrying grief, or feeling afraid of the future in this uncertain and changing world.


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Victoria Dickenson

I have been interested in the working of the mind since my mid forties.

My life history had been one of an independant rebel, with feelings of ‘not fitting in’.

I compensated for my lack of conviction that I was okay, by being indulgent, hurting some of the people who loved me and putting myself in danger.

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Counselling Services

Counselling can bring about deeply effective positive change to your life and how you think and  feel. It can be a rewarding and supportive experience.

Talking in a quiet and confidential setting can open the way to help you reach a better understanding of what’s on your mind, why you have certain thoughts and how to move through them, such as:  anxiety, stress,  depression, self-doubt, confusion with relationships, lack of self-esteem, grief, or just feeling stuck with your life’s direction.

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Havening Techniques

Our brain holds onto or ‘encodes’ disturbing experiences. The ancient part of our brain believes doing so will help our survival and prepare us to either fight or flee. These responses have become automatic.

Over time we have accumulated a list of thoughts and feelings which re-trigger these negative or worrying responses. Often, they no longer serve us. Integrative Counselling and Havening are effective methods to resolve these issues.

This recently discovered healing technique comes from the fields of neuroscience. Havening Techniques have been scientifically proven to bring permanent positive change to people who have anxiety, phobias, or negative emotions.

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I offer a free 15 minute telephone call to discuss any queries you may have.

Tel: 07970 303610
Email: vic@vdickenson.com


My practice is situated within a private, walled garden setting within minutes from both Faversham town centre car parks and the railway station.

Parking is available at the town centre car park or Forbes Road car park.